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Welcome to The Noizeworks. Thanks for stopping by. 
The Noizeworks is a specialist supplier of all types of pro audio equipment for musicians, bands, venues, hire companies and education establishments. 
A vast array of products are available from top manufacturers including Allen and Heath, Van Damme, Neutrik, LD Systems, AKG, Martin Audio, Crown, Proel, Pulse Audio, Sennheiser and Adam Hall.
Everyone at The Noizeworks is an experienced sound engineer with many years behind them in sound hire, music and installation businesses, so feel free to call or email if you require any advice. Either about particular products or more general advice. 
The Noizeworks offer a complete custom cable manufacturing service. We can manufacture all types of cable from single microphone, instrument to more complex multi-channel looms, etc. Using products from a variety of manufacturers we can supply products for every budget and project size for live, studio and installation applications. 
So feel free to look around. You can order and pay online via Paypal or all major credit and debit cards securely via Worldpay.

Manufacturers and Suppliers:  We're always looking out for new and innovative products, so if you've got products that you think might be up our customers street, be sure to let us know.  

Simon Thompson. Noizeworks Sales.
You can view my LinkedIn profile here. Feel free to connect!

Latest Product News:


Allen and Heath QU Chrome Series Mixers. The amazing QU Series gets and upgrade with new chrome knobs and faders and upgrade chassis. More outputs than you can shake a stick at with all the processing power even the most megalomaniac sound man could wish for. All in a tiny, lightweight portable chassis  Check out our ready to roll packages with digital and analogue stageboxes, flightcases with a range of finshes, etc. here

Crown XLS DriveCore 2 Series. Latest upgraded XLS series with more DSP power, more amplifier power, lighter weight and even better value for money. The 'lockout' feature makes them great for tamper-proof installation and the ultra lightweight is ideal for portable applications. The XLS 2502 delivers 2 x 775 watts yet weight only 4.9kgs! More info here>>>>>>

Yamaha MGP/DRX System Packages. Ready made, ready to roll PA packages featuring Yamaha's latest MGP Series mixers and the critically acclaimed DRX Series powered speakers. Portable, lightweight yest powerful and feature-packed. More information >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Van Damme Analogue Multicore/Stagebox Systems. Our new multi-variation listing allows you to specify your own Van Damme/Neutrik stagebox/multicore system. A range of channel sizes and cable lenghts are available. Super-sturdy stage/wall boxes with the best sounding Blue Series cable there is. Ideal for professional live sound, studio and installations. More info >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Proel HCM08 PRO Discreet Headset Wireless. Ideal for clients looking for a high performance, yet cost effective upgrade of wireless headset mics. The HCM08PRO comes with three adaptors so it can be used with all the major manufacturer's wireless systems including AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, JTS, etc. Small, lightweight, beige headset ideal for any application where (in)visibility is a factor. The HCM08PRO is also a great upgrade from the satndard headset that come with budget headset wireless systems. More info >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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