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Website News: Updated and Expanded D.I. Box Web Section.

Our new D.I. box web section contains a wealth of information on the uses and applications of D.I. boxes alongside a comprehensive range of products from simple, cost-effective single channel passive boxes to rack mount multi-channel products for complex keyboard rigs and computer music systems.

Information is included on what a D.I. box actually does (sometimes a source of confusion and misinformation) and links to other articles on the subject.  We discuss the difference between active and passive models and where active models may offer an advantage over passive types.

Product range has been expanded to include the two new DI models from Proel’s StageGear series of DIs, splitters, and phantom power supplies. Added to our existing range which includes the entry level but highly dependable Pulse models and Palmer Audio PAN Series multi-channel models.

Manufacturers brochures and spec sheets are also available to download, view and print.

You can check out our dedicated D.I. box web section here

Our blog post looking at Stageboxes, multicores and D.I.s can also be viewed here.





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