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Product Guide: Van Damme Cables. A Run Down of the Different Types and Applications.

Van Damme delivers performance, sound quality and reliability in a number of cable types including microphone, instrument, speaker and multicore. The range is comprehensive, using Van Damme’s colour system to denote cable type, application and properties.

We thought it might be useful to run down these different cable types and explain their properties and applications, so clients can select the right cable for their job. We haven’t covered absolutely every type. Some are video/data type cables, so we’ve focused on the cables with  most relevance to live, studio, and  installed sound markets. Links are supplied to our product pages where you can also download full technical spec sheets. So here goes:

Van Damme Multicore Cables:

Blue Series: Pre-jacketed/numbered multicore cable for analogue audio signals for studio, live sound and installation. Jacket numbers for easy channel identification. Flexible jacket for portable live sound applications. Available in 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, and 48 pair configurations. Suitable for all analogue applications including recording multicores, live sound stagebox systems, installed livesound and studio multicores, processor, effects, and insert interconnects, etc.

Green Series: Multicore series designed for accurate transmission of AES/EBU digital audio signals and other data type signals including RS422, midi and timecode. Can also be used for analog audio signals. Available in 2, 4, 8, 16, and 24 pair configurations. Individually jacketed and numbered for easy channel identification.

Purple Ecoflex Series: Multicore cable for digital AES and/or analogue signal transfer in installations requiring LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen) specification. Public building and new build properties now often specify only LSZH cabling. Available in 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 pair configurations. Individually jacketed and numbered for easy channel identification.

Brown Series Starquad Multicore:  Starquad multicore cable specifically designed for outside broadcast and film industry applications offering enhanced rejection of radio and electro-mechanical interference. BBC standard colour coding. Available in 8 and 16 individually jacketed and numbered channels.

Brown Series Ecoflex Starquad: LSZH starquad multicore. For installation applications requiring the enhanced RF and EMI rejection of starquad with LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen) construction specification. Available in 4 or 8 channel versions with individually jacketed and numbered pairs for easy channel identification.

Twin Balanced Mic/Interconnect Cable: A really useful twin figure of eight style cable ideal for a range of applications including balanced splitters, interconnects and phono cables. A red stripe identifies one side of the cable from the other.


Single Audio Cables:

Balanced/Mic Cable:

Tour Grade Classic XKE Starquad Cable: Starquad cable available in 10 colours (Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Luminous Orange, Brown, Grey, and White.). Starquad uses four shielded conductors which are then paired in opposites for balanced mic wiring. This offers greater rejection of radio frequency and electro-mechanical interference. Ideal for applications were cable will be in proximity to power and lighting circuit feeds.

Tour Grade Classic XKE Miniature Starquad: A starquad cable with reduced oudside diameter for  short patch cords, adaptor cables and boom mic cables, etc. Available in black only.

Tour Grade Classic XKE Microphone Cable: High quality, flexible, balanced mic cable available in 10 colours (black, blue, red, green, yellow, purple, luminous orange, brown, grey and white) Suitable for all microphone, balanced interconnect, and active loudspeaker cable applications. Silver plate and ultra pure oxygen free copper for excellent sound quality.

Single Core Unbalanced/Instrument Cable:

Silver Series Guitar/Bass Session Grade Instrument Cable: High quality instrument cables with different capacitance characteristics offering three types of high frequency roll-off. Not the most flexible of cables, so designed more for studio applications than live sound/gigging.

 Pro Grade Classic XKE Instrument Cable: Single core instrument cable ideal for all guitar, keyboard, sound modules, drum machines, etc cables. Very flexible and durable so great for live sound and stage use as well as in the studio. Available in 10 colours (black, blue, red, green, yellow, purple, luminous orange, brown, grey and white). 6mm outside diameter, so suitable for most modern jack plug types.

Pro Grade XKE Unbalanced Pro Patch Cable: Ideal for unbalanced interconnect and instrument cables where a reduced outside diameter is required. Ideal for all diameter limited connectors such as jack, mini jacks and bantam connectors. Available in black, red, and blue.


Combined Power And Signal Cables:

Ambicore Combined Power and Signal Tour Grade Multicore: Designed for powered speakers and monitors, Ambicore combines a signal section with power cable section in an overall flexible jacket. Power section can be terminated with Euro or PowerCon type connectors. Three versions are available with differing power levels. 10amp, 15amp, and 20 amp. Also suitable for stand alone light fittings where power and DMX control are required in a single cable.


Speaker Cables:

Black Series Tour Grade Speaker Cable: Black Series covers just about all the bases when it comes to durable, high quality loudspeaker cables for live/touring or studio use. Available in a range of formats and diameters for single or multiple loudspeaker arrays. 2 x 1.5mm, 2 x 2.5mm, 2 x 4mm, and 2 x 6mm versions are available for singel speakers with the larger diameters suitable for higher powered  speakers, lower impedances, and longer cable runs. Multicore versions include 4 x 2.5mm, 6 x 2.5mm, 8  2.5mm, 4 x 4mm, and 8 x 4mm for arrayed loudspeaker clusters. Again the thicker the better really with the larger diameter versions  suitable for higher power amplifiers and longer cable runs.


Data Control Cable:

TourCat Series Cat5 Cables: Suitable for all Cat5 data applictions including digital mixers, interfaces and snakes. 3 standard versions are available with a choice of stranded or solid copper conductors, and two multicore versions are available.  For connection to standard RJ45 or Ethercon type connectors.


And that about wraps it up. There are other cable types available, but these are mostly video/plasma screen type cables. We hope this guide will help you in your cable selection, but if you’re unsure, then please feel free to contact us via email or telephone with any enquiries.



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