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Creative Instrument Wireless Systems.

Wireless systems aren’t only available to singers and guitarists. All kinds of instrumentalists can now get in on the freedom that wireless systems have to offer, and, thanks to some creative modifications, The Noizeworks has made it more affordable than ever.

We’ve taken the Pulse PWM Series (PWM100VHF and PWM1000UHF) wireless systems as a base and set out to find if we could interface a number of our most popular miniature and clip-on instrument microphones. Turns out we could….and they work brilliantly. Not just cheap instrument wireless systems, but great performing systems for all types of instrumentalists.

So we’ve got brass/sax versions via the Proel HCS20, Flute versions via the JTS CX500F, and multi-purpose violin/mandolin versions via the JTS CX500. All systems are available in fixed frequency VHF using the Pulse PWM100VHF or frequency agile UHF via the Pulse PWM1000UHF wireless system.

So here’s a run down of our new Pulse, Proel, and JTS radio mics by instrument:

For Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, etc:

One of our most popular clip on instrument mics has been the Proel HCS20. This great sounding clip on mic is ideal for brass and sax instruments. It handles high sound pressure levels and so quick and easy to clip on and position.

and it’s now available with the Pulse wireless systems from just £119. Click the images below to go to the individual product listings.

Proel HCS20 with Pulse PWM100VHF Wireless.

Proel HCS20 with Pulse PWM1000UHF Wireless. 


For Flute:

JTS’ CX500F is an excellent choice for flautists. Once again a quick an easy clip on system is combined with a small gooseneck section which makes positioning a breeze. The miniature condenser microphone capsule capsule captures all the nuances and harmonic overtones of the flute. Experiment with positioning for softer of more aggressive sounds.

Video demo of the JTS the CX500F:

Once again, a choice of VHF or UHF systems are available.  Click the images or the links below to go to the individual product listings.

For Violin, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, etc:

JTS’ CX500 miniature microphone system is a versatile microphone system that can be mounted on an assortment of instruments including fiddles, mandolins, ukuleles, and acoustic guitars. In fact, almost anything you can stick one of these amazing little mics onto. So yes, you can now have a ukulele wireless system or a mandolin wireless system. At great prices.

The CX500 comes with a number of mounting options including violin and viola bridge mounts as well as stick on mounts.

Because it’s mounted so close to the music source, it produces warm, full-bodied sound with minimal microphone gain and feedback. A little additional bass EQ can sometime help with this, but this miniature condenser capsule reproduces frequencies right up to 20khz so it captures all the nuances and harmonics of the instruments and faithfully reproduces them.

Here’s a video of the JTS CX500 in action:

Once again, we’ve created system based around the Pulse PWM100VHF, or Pulse PWM1000UHF wireless products. Click the images or the links below for the individual product listings. Ideal for fiddle, mandolin and ukulele players to get in on the wireless act, including buskers, at just over £100.

JTS CX500 with Pulse PWM100VHF Instrument Wireless System.

JTS CX500 with Pulse PWM1000UHF Instrument Wireless System.

So there it is. By creatively combining a range of miniature clip on microphones with a choice of two wireless transmission systems, we’ve created a range of instrument wireless systems that will work with and faithfully reproduce almost any instrument we can think of, allowing instrumentalists freedom of movement at prices that match the tightest of budgets. For buskers, folk groups and soloists, and orchestral soloists and ensembles.

Contact us via telephone on 01708 523812 for more information or if you have any further questions about the systems. Or via email. info@thenoizeworks.co.uk.











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