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Proel Wireless Microphones

Proel offer a comprehensive range of wireless microphone solutions. Fixed and variable frequency models are available in all mic types including handheld, headset and lapel systems. Single and dual channel products are available in a number of configurations. 
In addition, we've put together some systems that upgrade the standard Proel headset microphone with the lightweight, discreet, beige coloured HCM23 mic which is much more comfortable and less visible than the standard model. 
All the systems come in handy foam lined ABS carrying cases making them east to store and transport without any additional expense. 
The range is comprehensive, not to say vast, so this section goes through all the different system types and microphone configurations. We'll attempt to clearly explain the different models and options but if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us with any questions via telephone or email.
Proel wireless sytems are great for a whole range of applications including vocals and speech for singers, duos and bands as well as education, business and worship sound and AV applications.
We supply and ship Proel wireless systems throughout the UK and Europe, as well as supplying and supporting our local market in London and the Southeast of England including Essex, Kent and Herts.
Proel WM202 Series:
WM202 Series products are fixed frequency UHF systems. So you can't switch if someone is using your frequency in the vicinity. Handheld (M Suffix), and Headset / Lapel (H Suffix) systems are available in single and dual channel versions. Dual channel systems carry the 'D' suffix.
In addition, a 'KIT' version is available which includes a handheld transmitter and a beltpack transmitter with headset and lapel microphones. This is a single channel system so there is a choice of microphones but only one can be used at a time. 
Headset bodypack systems are also available with the upgraded Proel HCM23 discreet, lightweight, beige headset microphone. The standard headset and lapel are still included to offer different microphone options. 
WM202 systems are available in Channel 70 frequencies which do not require a license.
WM202 systems are very easy to set up and use with no channel matching. Just plug in and turn up!
Proel WM600 Series:
WM600 Series
products add frequency versatility to the mix with 4 switchable frequencies within the Channel 70 frequency range. So if someone in your locality is transmitting on your frequency you can switch to an alternative one.
The same system of suffixes is used with 'M' denoting handheld, 'H' meaning headset/lapel type and 'D' meaning dual channel. A KIT version is also available with handheld and bodypack transmitters with headset and lapel microphones. The KIT version in the WM600D Series in a dual channel system so you can use the handheld mic and then headset or lapel mic via the bodypack transmitter.
We also have headset systems with the fabulous Proel HCM23 discreet headset for clients requiring a more comfortable, better sounding and less visible headset option. The standard headset and lapel microphones remain included as microphone options. 

Brochure Downloads:
Proel WM202 Series:
Proel WM202M Handheld Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf
Proel WM202H Headset/Lapel Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf
Proel WM202KIT Handheld and Headset/Lapel Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf
Proel WM202DM Dual Channel Handheld Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf
Proel WM202DH Dual Channel Headset/Lapel Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf

Proel WM600 Series:
Proel WM600M Handheld Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf
​​​​​​​Proel WM600H Headset/Lapel Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf
​​​​​​​Proel WM600DM Dual Channel Handheld Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf
​​​​​​​Proel WM600DH Dual Channel Headset Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf
​​​​​​​Proel WM600DKIT Dual Channel Handheld and Headset/Lapel Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf

Proel HCM Series Headset Microphones:
Proel HCM23 Discreet Beige Headset Mic Brochure.pdf

Proel Complete Microphone and Wireless Brochure:
Proel Mics and Wireless Brochure.pdf