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Due to Covid 19 crisis we have now suspended trading. Not sure at this point if we will return. Many suppliers have either suspended trading, have, or are running out of, products, or have jacked up pricing. We will monitor events and proceed accordingly.


The Best Little Soundhouse in Essex!

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The specialist sound supplier dedicated to helping you communicate your art, solving your problems, making you sound better, and making your life easier and more creative. 
If you're involved in music and sound in any capacity we can help. Whether you're a musician, sound engineer, venue or studio owner, teacher or business owner, if you need clear, intelligible sound for any application, we have solutions for you. From a complete PA system to a single cable. 


Great Live Sound and Studio Products:

From committed innovative and helpful manufacturers and suppliers. From household names to the not so well known. Products that perform and do what they are supposed to. We don't just accept manufacturers claims. When we don't have Noizeworks 'hats' on we are musicians and sound engineers and never pass up an opportunity to try out and test kit in the field on in our demo room/lab (pictured right) and you can find lots of our reports and reviews on our blog pages. 

Best Prices:

Price isn't everything, but we will at least match any price from any UK supplier on any of the products you find here. We don't do a lot of what some might call 'traditional marketing'. Most of our clients find us via word of mouth or organic searches. so we don't have a huge Google pay per click bill to pay every month. Our business model keeps overheads and therefore prices low. 

Sound Advice:

We are always trying out and testing products so we can offer unmatched advice and a personal perspective on all our products. We don't just sit around in an office with telephone headsets taking orders, we're on product courses, developing new packages, writing technical pages, and doing gigs. Because we have an intimate knowledge of our products we also offer unrivalled product support and after-sales service. Our product listings now often include brochure downloads, videos and additional technical information and our copy is written to provide accurate digestible information to our clients and potential clients, not to satisfy search engines. All to provide the information that will help you make he right product choices.  

Accessories and Ancilliary Equipment: 

 We don't just get excited about the 'big stuff'. We have the most comprehensive range of cables, cases and stands around. Our custom cable department (left) can manufacture just about any cable, stagebox or patch panel you require within a vast range of budgets. 


Creativity and Enthusiasm:

 We are constantly thinking about and developing new products, packages and services. We develop products where we believe a market segment is not particularly well served. Our GSS loudspeaker project developed from a dissatisfaction with the 'budget' loudspeaker market. We developed a range of instrument wireless microphone solutions for instrumentalists that offer great performance and sound without a huge price tag. And our 'System Shop' department are constantly developing complete ready made solutions using flexible 'mix 'n match' product listings. 

Getting The Most From Your Equipment:

Our blog pages are filled with technical information and advice that will help you squeeze out the very last drop of performance from your equipment and, as a consequence, make your artistic endeavours more productive, creative and satisfying. Our web blog can be found here and our dedicated technical pages here