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NEW! Soundcraft Notepad FX/ Wharfedale Pro Titan Active Packages. 
Compact PA Packages. Powerful, ultra-portable high performance solo/vocal/speech systems. Click here or the images for more

 Pulse PWM Series Wireless System with JTS and Proel Miniature Clip On Instrument Microphones. 
We've been doing some experimenting, and we can now offer the great value Pulse PWM100VHF and PWM1000UHF wireless system with clip on instrument options from Proel and JTS. 
The PWM100VHF and PWM1000UHF systems are now available with Proel HCS20 clip on sax/brass microphone or JTS CX500 violin/guitar or CX500F flute microphones. This means we can offer instrument wireless systems at previously unheard of price starting from just £109. 


Peavey At The Noizeworks
We've long been admirers of Peavey products at The Noizeworks, so we're really happy that we're now able to supply all Peavey Pro Audio products. All the latest products are available including IPR2 Series amplifiers which deliver great sound and power in ultra-lightweight packages, professional, high power SP Series speakers, and some more established products such as the PV Series monitors. Great sounding rock n roll wedge monitors, with all Peavey drive units at absolute bargain prices. 

  Crown Audio at The Noizeworks.
All Crown Audio Power Amplifiers available including the XLS2 Series. High power, super-lightweight, great sound, and compact dimensions alongside on board DSP filtering, crossover and limiting. Ideal for touring musicians, event spaces and sound hire companies for monitor and front-of-house applications. 
XLi Series great value power amps for installations, and XTi Series products offering pro touring performance with comprehensive DSP processing. 


Rhino Rack Flight Cases     

Super-tough rack flight cases with front and rear rack strips, foam suspension and hard wearing outer laminate. All at great prices. Portable rack flight cases in 2, 4, and 8U sizes with larger wheeled amp racks in 12U and 16U formats. Our dedicated Rhino Cases web portal features full technical diagrams, brochure downloads and detailed information on the Rhino range. Click here >>>>>>>


JTS Microphones

continue to offer astounding quality high value products. If you're looking for inexpensive high performance microphones (as opposed to cheap microphones) then look no further than the TX Series. A range of vocal, instrument and drum microphones that offer truly professional performance at entry level prices. TX7 has got to be the best guitar cab mic under thirty pounds and the TX8 the best budget vocal mic. TX2 is the best budget bass drum mic. Delivering a powerful, modern kick drum sound with minimal EQ and/or processing. Trial and demo stock always available. 

In addition, we also have the excellent CX500 Series miniature instrument microphones. Ideal for miking up violins, violas, mandolins, brass/woodwind, percussion, and flute (CX500F), etc. Many different mounting and pre-amp options are available, so we've produced a couple of blog posts which go through all the various options, with video, and product links to help you find the right combination for your requirements. 

Give your system some serious headroom with these high powered European built power amplifiers. Two channel and flexible quad power amplifiers available for driving complete front of house or monitor systems. The S6044 delivers almost 6kw (4 x 1480 watts RMS @ 4ohms) of power in a 2U chassis that weighs about 6 kgs! Yet is almost completely silent. 
New Zetta Series is also now available, offering the same great quality in slightly lower powered formats at lower prices. 
Our new RAM Audio section has all the products, information, brochures and downloads here>>>>>>.
And we have them on demo at our place. Come and check them out, and prepare to be amazed! 

The Noizeworks Latest 'System Shop' Packages:
Our 'system shop' features a range of ready made PA packages ideal for a number of applications. Great for rehearsal rooms, venue installations, bands, and solos/duos, as well as schools, churches and for business sound. Latest packages include systems from ElectroVoice (Q Series amps/ZLX speakers), and some packages featuring Wharfedale's super lightweight PMX Series PA heads and Titan Series PA speakers