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4 Channel 2 Metre Custom Audio Loom. Design Your Own. 'Rean by Neutrik' Connectors.

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2 Metre 4 Channel Live / Studio Snake. Design Your Own. 'Rean by Neutrik' Phonos and Jacks. 

Flexible custom cable solution. Tell us what you need!
Custom wiring loom with any combination of connectors you require. Just place your order based on length and then tell us which connectors you require. 
Just drop us an email with your order, or put it in the 'notes' section when you checkout. 
Ideal for live applications or as a relatively cheap studio loom. 

- Any combination of XLR(M), XLR(F), Balanced jack, unbalanced jack, or phono connectors. 
- High quality 'Rean by Neutrik' jacks and phonos. 
- Durable, high quality XLR connectors with thick rubber boots and strain relief. 
- Flexible, great sounding multicore cable. 
- Individually jacketed and labelled pairs for easy channel identification. 
- Supplied with professional, re-usable velcro cable tie. 

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