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4 Channel 3 Metre Custom Audio Multicore. Van Damme Blue Series. Neutrik B Series Connectors.

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4 Channel 3 Metre Live / Studio Multicore Loom. Neutrik B Series Black / Gold Connectors. Van Damme Blue Series Multicore.  

For clients looking for a high end studio wiring loom. 
Just select which combination of connectors you require. Ideal for cable runs where a mix of connectors are used. 
Just drop us an email alongside your order, or put it in the 'notes' section when you checkout. 
Ideal as a high end live audio loom, or a high end studio cable. 

- Any combination of phono, XLR(M), XLR(F), balanced or unbalanced jack connectors. 
- Ultimate quality Neutrik B Series gold plated connectors with black shells for maximum conductivity, signal integrity and great looks.  
-  Van Damme Blue Series Multicore for flexibility, compact dimensions and ultimate sound quality. . 
- Individually numbered and jacketed pairs for easy channel identification. 
- Professional velcro cable tie supplied. 

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