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8 Channel 15 Metre Multicore/Stagebox. Drum Mounted.

Condition: New
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8 Channel XLR-XLR Drum Mounted Multicore/Stagebox. 15 Metre.

Ideal as a small/AV type multicore, as a sub system for drums/keyboards, etc, or for small bands/dous, etc.
Drum mounting makes the system easy to transport and manage.

- Durable, metal chassis and cable XLR connectors.
- Heavy duty steel frame drum.
- Integral brake to keep connector panel in position during use and transportation.
- Individually numbered connectors at drum and 'tail end' for east channel identification.
- Braided 'tail end' cables for extra protection and durability.

15 metre cable length (also available in 25 metre version.)

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