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AH 70250. Large Format Cable Drum.

Brand: Adam Hall
Condition: New
More Information
Large format cable drum. Suitable for multicore cables and large diameter speaker cable.

- Powder coated steel finish
- Axle bearings
- Friction brake
- Removable handle.


Cable length guide (approx'):
32mm OD: 30 metres
30mm OD: 36 metres
28mm OD: 40 metres
26mm OD: 50 metres
24mm OD: 60 metres
22mm OD: 70 metres
20mm OD: 80 metres
18mm OD: 100 metres
15mm OD: 150 metres
12mm OD: 230 metres.


Dimensions: H/W/D: 45cm/44cm/53cm.

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