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BMS 4524 1" 25 Watt Compression Driver

Condition: New
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Possibly one of the loudspeaker worlds best kept secrets, this fabulous 1" throat compression driver offers great performance in low to medium powered 8", 10" and 12" loudspeaker systems. 
The key to this products performance is it's efficiency. Peaking at 113db, this compression driver brings clear and clean sound to 2 way loudspeaker systems yet it can be matched to most bass/mid drivers with very little power, making it very robust and reliable. 
It's lightweight and compact ferrite magnet means it adds very little weight to systems and can be used on some plastic or fibreglass horns without the need for any horn support.

Throat diameter: 1"
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm
Power Capacity: 25W
Peak Power: 200W

Sensitivity: 90x75 CD Horn 1W/1M: 113db
Max SPL: 127db @ 25w
Frequency Range: 1.2 - 30khz
Minimum Crossover Frequency: 1.9khz.

Voice Coil Material: Copper clad aluminium.
Voice Coil Former: Kapton.
Diaphragm Material: Polyester.

Overall Diameter: 86mm
Depth: 58mm
Net Weight: 0.665kg.
2 x M5 holes (standard flange type fitting.

Further information: http://www.bmsspeakers.com/index.php?id=bms_4524

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