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Cameo Light Lighting Products

Cameo light manufacture high quality lighting fittings based around proven, efficient and controllable LED technology. 
Products range from entry level to fully professional so there are Cameo Light products for all. From touring semi-pro duos and bands to large auditoriums, venues and hire companies.
Cameo Light have put together some very popular packages which are ideal for touring artists and smaller installations. 
All Cameo Light lighting fixtures use LED technology. This not only provides bright and efficient light to stages and spaces, but is also easily contollable. So all Cameo Light fixtures can be controlled directly from a range of DMX controllers without any additional 'dimming' equipment. 
Many Cameo Light products feature accompanying video brochures to give customers an enhanced flavour of a products capabilities and we provide links to the videos where applicable. 
So check out our Cameo Light pages. The world of lighting can sometimes seem a little daunting and the terminology a little confusing particularly to clients coming from an audio/music background, so if you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us via email or telephone.