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D&B Audiotechnik Hire

d&b audiotechnik offers ultimate fidelity for all front of house and monitor applications. 
We have a range of d&b products available depending upon application type and size. Max Series offer high level monitoring, Q Series for high quality mid and near field applications and C Series systems for larger point source applications.  

d&b audiotechnik MAX:

Maxx Series wedges deliver high power monitoring for demanding applications in compact dimensions and profile. Systems can be as simple or as complex as required and driven from digital or analog console options. Correctly used with all necessary corrective stage EQ, Max Series monitors are a potent solution to all rock, pop and folk live music monitoring applications and can also be employed in compact front-of-house systems. 

d&b audiotechnik Q Series:
For flexible higher powered front of house systems, Q Series are the choice. Deployable as point source or line array systems, Q Series deliver clear, intelligible sound with controlled dispersion for medium/large venues. 

d&b audiotechnik C Series:
Offering flexible deployment in either flown or grown stacked systems, C Series horn loaded point source products deliver high level sound with clarity and intelligibility for larger events and festivals.