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D.I. Boxes

We supply a whole range of D.I. products from a range of manufacturers. From simple, single channel passive boxes, to multi-channel rack mount active systems. Manufacturers include Palmer, Proel, and Pulse. All have been selected for their sound quality, features, rugged construction and reliability. 

What Does D.I. Stand For and What Does A D.I. Box Do?
D.I. stands for 'direct injection' and the phrase has it's roots in studio recording where everything that wasn't recorded using a microphone was said to be 'direct injected.' Electronic instruments like keyboards, drum machines, etc, and some instruments that employed pickups to amplify their sound such as electro-acoustic guitars could be fed directly into the mixing console without being miked up. In a studio, instruments can be plugged directly into a mixing console without the need for any kind of direct injection box, but when a multicore system, or long cable runs are required, such as from a studio live room to the control room, or from the stage to a Front-of-House mixing console, then some form of 'balancing interface' is required to ensure the signal arrives at the mixing console with no, or at least minimal interference and/or noise. This is when a D I box is employed. 
So the unbalanced outputs from keyboards, laptops, MP3 players, bass and electro-acoustic guitars require a 'balancing interface' before their signal can be sent down a multicore system. 

Active or Passive D.I. Boxes?
Balancing does not require any kind of amplification, so many direct injection boxes are what we call 'passive' devices. in other words, they do not require any any powering either from a mains supply, phantom power from a mixer, or from a battery. These type of boxes provide perfectly acceptable results for many applications and they also tend to be less expensive than their active counterparts, and they are simple and easy to use offering a 'plug and play' type solution, particularly for high level instruments like keyboards, computers, drum machines, etc. Active D.I. boxes can deliver better performance with high impedance instruments such as guitar pickups and basses, and they may offer slightly improved frequency response, so should be use where power is not an issue and budget is less restrictive.

You might want to take a look at our blog post on stageboxes, multicores and DIs which has loads of information about these related products. 

We currently keep three ranges:
Pulse: Great sounding rugged passive, active, mono and stereo D.I.s. Deliver high quality sound for all budgets and built into rugged, curved top boxes with big rubberized corners. (except DI-1P)
Proel: We keep 2 ranges of Proel D.I. The excellent DB Series which can be rack mounted or used as general floor based products, and the STAGEGEAR active and passive general purpose active and passive mono DIs.
Finally, the Palmer range of products include multi-channel rack mount units which offer a high number of channels, making them ideal for larger keyboard, computer and electronic music systems. Palmer products carry a Five Year Warranty. The Palmer Audio Tools catalogue also has some great info on D.I. boxes. See downloads.

Palmer Audio Tools Catalogue. pdf