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EX DEMO. Yamaha TF5 Digital Mixing Console. 32 Input. 16 Output.

Condition: New
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With 32 analog mic/line inputs under the control of 33 motorised faders, the TF5 is the largest of the TF Series. All additional features and specs remain the same including 8 powerful effects processors (2 x SPX type), assignable 4 band parametric channel EQ, 31 band graphic EQ's, recallable D-PRE mic preamps and a total of 20 aux busses. All under intuitive Touchflow control with full colour touch screen, colour coded LCD channel nameing and motorised faders. All in the most ergonomically advanced package in it's class with 3-stage raked design and extrmely strong but lightweight chassis. The TF weighs only 20kgs. 
A full suite of additional software is included and/or can be downloaded including Steinberg's Nuendo Live (Mac/PC) for multitrack USB rcording, TFEditor (Mac/PC) for editing the desks parameters via a PC, StageMix for controlling desk parameters via Ipad, and MonitorMix for individual, personal monitor mixing via Ipad or Iphone. 
Dante networking can be added via optional NY64-D card.

TF Series full colour brochure can be viewed/downloaded and printed here

- 32 analog mic/lne inputs.
- 16 analog mic/line outputs. 
- 33 motorised faders.
- 2 x stereo analog line inputs via RCA connectors. 
- 8 effects processors (2 x SPX type)
- 8 DCA groups with roll-out
- Up to 20 aux sends (8 mono + 6 stereo)
- 34 in/34 out multitrack recording/playback via USB 2.0
- 2in/2out stereo recording/playback via USB storage device.
Dimensions: 866 x 225 x 599mm 
Weight: 20kgs.
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