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Headset Microphones

Finding good quality discreet headset microphones for music, speech and theatre applications has always been problematic. You either invested many hundreds of pounds in rather esoteric, expensive products from the likes of DPA or Countryman (don't get is wrong, these products are fantastic, but they are priced very much for the top end 'pro' market,), or you accept a rather inferior quality product, or you go with large, cumbersome headsets that kinda sound OK, but are rather uncomfortable, and anything but 'discreet'. 
Proel's HCM series is a range of discreet, barely visible headset microphones that are available in a range of different connector types making them suitable for a range of wireless systems from a variety of manufacturers. 
They sound excellent, and good quality results can be obtained with basic PA systems and minimal EQ. 
All the microphones feature very discreet, virtually invisible headbands and adjustable booms.
Most of the mic series are available in a range of connector types that make them suitable for use with many different manufacturers headsets:
Standard versions are 4 pin mini XLR types suitable for use with most JTS and Shure models.
AK types feature 3 pin mini XLR connectors for use with most AKG and LD systems beltpack transmitters.
SE suffix denotes a locking mini jack connector suitable for use with Sennheiser and most Proel and Trantec wireless pocketpack transmitters.
The HCM08PRO has an interchangeable connector system and three adaptors that allow the use of all three connector types which makes it suitable for a whole range of wireless systems from different manufacturers. 

Here are the different product types:

HCM23 / HCM23AK  / HCM23SE
The Proel HCM 23 Series headset mics are the 'entry level' product in the HCM range yet still deliver great performance and sound. High quality sound can be obtained from these products with modest sound systems and inexperienced operators. Available only in beige. Three products are available differing only in the connector type they employ.
HCM23 - 4 pini mini XLR connector for use with most JTS and Shure wireless bodypack transmitters.
HCM23AK - 3 pin mini XLR connector for use with AKG and LD systems wireless products.
HCM23SE - Locking mini jack connectors for use with Proel's own wireless systems, Trantec and Sennheiser products.

Similar to the HCM23 product series but available in black. We recommend the HCM23 Series for customers requiring beige coloured products. 
HCM03 - 4 pin mini XLR connector for use with most JTS and Shure wireless products.
HCM03SE - Locking mini jack connectors for use with Proel's own wireless systems and Sennheiser products.

Very high quality headset which is supplied with three interchangeable connector types. The HCM08PRO also features a 'collapsible' design which means the ear hooks fold flat and it can then be transported along with the adaptors in the supplied case. Available in beige only. Suitable for use with most JTS, LD Systems, Proel, Shure, AKG, and Sennheiser wireless equipment.

We usually have the HCM range available and on demo, so if you're based locally (London, Essex, Kent, Herts, etc.) then you can come in and check 'em out. Just give us a call or email first to arrange a time. 

Proel HCM23 Headset Mic Brochure/Cutsheet.pdf
Proel HCM03 Headset Mic Brochure/Cutsheet.pdf
Proel HCM08PRO Headset Mic Brochure/Cutsheet.pdf

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