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Instrument Wireless Systems

Clip On Instrument Wireless Microphone Systems.

By creatively combining a range of miniature clip on microphones with a number of wireless system options, we've been able to develop a range of affordable instrument wireless systems suitable for a whole range of applications. 
We have violin wireless systems, flute wireless systems, systems that work with mandolins, in fact the possibilities are almost endless. 
Choose from simple, single channel VHF systems for a cheap wireless instrument system through to frequency agile UHF products. 

Saxophone Wireless Microphone Systems:

Utilising JTS' excellent CX508 clip on microphone. Packages available with single channel VHF (Pulse PWM100VHF) or multi-channel UHF (Pulse PWM1000 or JTS E6) wireless systems. 

Flute Wireless Microphone Systems:

For flute, we employ the JTS CX500F clip on flute microphone. This systems gets the mic really close to the source so it deliver a really warm, present sound. Available with single channel VHF (Pulse PWM100VHF) or multi channel UHF (Pulse PWM1000UHF, JTS E6) wireless systems.  

Violin Wireless Microphone Systems:

Where it's not possible to use a pickup, but freedom of movement is still required, then systems based around JTS' CX500 are ideal. This miniature microphone is supplied with bridge mounts for violin and viola as well as 'stick on' mounts for .....well almost anything..... acoustic guitars, mandolins, even percussion, etc. 
Available in simple/budget single channel VHF (Pulse PWM100VHF) or multi channel UHF (Pulse PWM1000, JTS E6, JTS IN164, etc) wireless systems. 

More Information:

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