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JTS Mics & Wireless


JTS Microphones and Wireless Systems.


The Noizeworks has been selling and supporting JTS microphones pretty much since they became available in the UK. 

JTS' range of wired mics and wireless microphone systems are designed to offer great sound, build quality and high performance at affordable prices, and they certainly deliver in all departments. There's a mic in the JTS range for almost any application. Whether you're looking for a great live vocal microphone, a clip on instrument microphone, or a podium goose neck microphone, there's a product in the JTS range for you. 

Wired Microphone Range

Four ranges of wired microphones for live music are available.
TX Series: Entry level prices but far from entry level performance. Excellent value range of live vocal, instrument and drum microphones. High build quality and performance. Supplied with XLR - XLR cables.
NX Series: Comprehensive range of some of the best live vocal, drum and instrument microphones around.
SX Series: Premium live vocal and instrument microphones featuring the newly developed SAM-8LN microphone capsule. SX-8 is one of the best live vocal microphones around, and the SX-7 delivers for instruments including guitar amps and cabs. 
CX Series: Large range of clip on microphone for almost any instrument imaginable, including drums, flute, violins, guitars and mandolins.


JTS Wireless Microphone Systems:

JTS Professional wireless systems include the IN164 UHF range with REMOSET making setting up and using a breeze. The new R-4 systems feature 4 channels UHF wireless channels in a single 1U rack with on-board aerial combining. Any combination of handheld and belt-pack transmitters can be used with a whole host of microphone options including headset, lapel and instrument mics.  


JTS Professional Wired Microphone Brochure.pdf
JTS Professional Wireless Microphone Brochure.pdf

The Noizeworks has all the experience and knowledge of both JTS microphones and mics in general you will need, not only in terms of the major items but also all the accessory products. We ship JTS products throughout the UK and Europe. We have many of the key products available for demonstration and trial, and our location just to the East of London means we are perfectly positioned to support local clients in London and Essex as well as Herts and Kent and throughout the South of England. 

Click the links below to access all JTS Professional products. Individual product brochures and accompanying product videos are available in the product categories and individual product listings.