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JTS TX7 'N-Pack'. TX-7 Microphone with ABS Case, XLR Cable and K&M Clip

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The JTS TX7 is a great microphone. It's flat grill makes it ideal for close miking guitar amplifiers and cabs, it sounds great on snares and toms and is ideal for all kinds of percussion. 
It handles very high SPL levels that guitar amps and snare drums can sometimes generate yet still delivers a controlled balanced, authentic sound. 
It's a great mic, but sometimes manufacturers don't quite get everything right, and whilst the TX7's packaging looks great, there is no case or clip included in the deal. 
So we've put this right with the Noizeworks JTS TX7 'N-Pack'. Microphones supplied as they should be with a foam lined ABS case and a high quality rubberised/elastic K&M microphone clip. 
If you've got a case for your mics and some clips, then no worries, you'll find the basic package in 'related items' below but this package is a great deal if you don't. 

JTS TX7 Specifications:
Microphone Type/Principle: Moving Coil Dynamic
Frequency Response: 50hz~16000hz 
Polar Pattern Cardioid,
Sensitivity(at 1,000Hz)  -75dB*(0.18mV)*0dB=1V/μbar
Nominal Impedance 600 ohms
Weight: 355 grams without cable.
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