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JTS TX8 Dynamic Vocal Microphone. With 4.5 Metre XLR Cable. Pack of Three

Condition: New
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JTS TX-8 Dynamic Vocal Mic. Pack of Three
JTS TX8 combines great quality sound with tank-like built quality with a spherical type grille making it ideal for close up vocals. 
Built to truly pro standards with a heavy duty metal chassis and grill. 
Sound-wise, it is excellent, delivering a warm but detailed sound with high gain and minimal feedback. 
The suspended capsule minimises handling noise and interference from stage rumble through the mic stand. It also protects the capsule from shocks, enhancing durability and reliability.
The TX8 is supplied with a 4.5 metre XLR-XLR cable and is equipped with a large lockable switch.

Microphone Principle: Moving Coil Dynamic
Frequency Response: 50hz~16khz 
Polar Pickup Pattern Cardioid,
Sensitivity(at 1,000Hz)  -75dB*(0.18mV)*0dB=1V/μbar
Impedance 600 ohms
Net Weight: 355 grams without cable.
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