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JTS Wired Microphones

JTS Wired Microphone Range

Four ranges of wired microphones for live music are available.

TX Series microphones offer entry level prices but far from entry level performance. If you're looking for the best vocal microphone around £30 a go, then look no further than the JTS TX8 which outperforms most microphones many times it's price, and you even get an XLR - XLR cable into the bargain. The TX2 is inexpensive but certainly not a cheap kick drum microphone, and by far the best option around in it's price class. TX7 offers all the performance of the TX8 but with a flat grill making it the best microphone for a guitar amp in it's class. NX Series is a comprehensive range of vocal and instrument mics for live music. If you're looking for a top quality guitar amp mic, the NX7 is for you, and the NX8 is one of the best vocal microphones for live music there is. The NX2 delivers a modern punchy kick drum sound and is built like a tank! The best bass drum microphone under £100.

SX Series is JTS' premium live microphone range. SX8 and SX7 offer the very best in live vocal and instrument microphones featuring JTS' newly developed SAM-8LN capsule. 

Finally, the CX Series clip on instrument microphone range offer great value and performance including the CX500F clip on flute microphone, CX508 clip on sax mic, and the CX506 clip on snare microphone or tom mic.