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JTS Wireless Mic Systems

JTS Wireless Microphone Systems:

Several ranges of wireless microphone systems are available including the IN164 single channel series and the new R-4 1u multi channel wireless systems. Great sounding handheld system are available. The IN164 handheld system is equipped with the same high end SAM-8LN capsule of the premium SX8 microphone in a single channel UHF wireless system with full REMOSET features making set up and using an absolute breeze. Undoubtedly the best vocal wireless system around £250, The IN164 Series systems represent a wireless microphone best buy.
The new R-4 Series combines four wireless mic channels and aerial combining in a single 1u rack. Great for organisations requiring several channels of wireless with flexible transmitter and microphone options and a price that won't break the bank!
Almost all the CX Series clip on microphones can be combined with the systems to form a very large range of wireless clip on microphone solutions. So a wireless flute microphone is no problem by using the CX500F. Wireless violin microphone system can be created using the CX500. Brass and sax players are supported by the CX508 clip on brass/woodwind microphone.