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K&M 25400 Boom Microphone Stand. Pack of 4 with Clip and Case Options

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K&M 25400 Boom Microphone Stand. Pack of 4 with K&M Clip and Rockbag Carrying Bag Options. 
Use the menus to select additional options of 4 x K&M 85055 mic clips and/or Rockbag carrying bag. 

New 'entry level' K&M boom microphone stand. 
Extremely lightweight (1.85kg) with swivel joint that allows easy tilt and boom length adjustment. 
Small footprint diameter of only 660mm with large rubber feet to minimise stage vibration and rumble. 

K&M 25400 Specifications:
Base diameter: 660mm
Boom Arm: One piece design.
Boom arm clamping: Locking knob.
Height: 890 - 1600mm.
Height Adjustment: Clutch.
Material: Steel.
Leg Construction: U-Profile legs with 'snap in' socket.
Folded Size: 870 x 80 x 95mm.
Clip Thread: 3/8"
Colour: Black.
Weight: 1.84kgs.

K&M 25400 Mic Stand Brochure. PDF. 

K&M 85055 Mic Clip Specs / Features:
- High quality elastic/rubber mic clips.
- 28mm for typical wired dynamic vocal and instrument microphones. 
- 32mm version available for wireless microphones. Can be supplied at same price. Please contact us to check availability and to inform us of this requirement. 

Rockbag RB25580B 4 Way Microphone Stand Bag Specs / Features:

- Manufactured from heavy duty 'Rocktex' material.
- Large, heavy duty zip.
- Two part handle with velcro fastening.
- Pyramid feet to protect base.
Dimensions: 45.3" x 6.3" x 6.3"

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