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LD Systems D1057 with 5M XLR Cable and Gravity Amp/Cab Clamp

Condition: New
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Please note: This package includes LD Systems D1057 microphone, Gravity Mic Clamp, and Cable. Amplifier is shown for illustrative purposes only. 

LD Systems D1057 Dynamic Instrument/Vocal Microphone with Gravity Backline Mic Clamp plus a 5 Metre XLR-XLR Cable. Three Year Warranty.
There are probably now literally hundreds of sub £50 microphones around, so how do you know which to pick? One of the advantages of running a busy hire department is that you get the opportunity to try out products at gigs and soundchecks, etc. At The Noizeworks, we never get behind a product until it's been thoroughly checked for performance and durability, not only by the self professed 'anoraks' of our hire department, but also by a selection of our regular hire clients.
They're a pretty tough bunch to please, so when they describe a product in glowing terms, you know it's a good performer. When you tell them the price and they give a puzzled look and say 'how much?' You know you're onto a winner.

And so it was with the LD Systems D1057. We think the D1057 is one of those products that offers genuinely excellent value for money. It proved an excellent performer for close miking guitar cabs, snares and toms, handling high sound pressure levels with no distortion or feedback. Great for all types of percussion, and was excellent on a variety of brass instruments including trumpet and saxes. Live or in the studio. Can also used be used for vocals, although it's flat mesh grill will probably mean it will be used more for instrument miking. Vocalists tending, generally, to go for the mics with spherical type grills.
The D1057 has a cardioid response pattern for excellent off-axis rejection and minimal feedback, uses a neodymium magnet for fast response and high sensitivity (-75db/Pa). It's frequency response is 50hz-16.5khz. It's also built to last with a heavy duty die cast body.
The mics are brand new, fully guaranteed for 3 years, and supplied through us via an established UK distributor. They are not 'grey' imports. So your product is fully backed and supported.
7 Day money back guarantee. So if you don't agree with us you can return it for a refund.
The D1057 also looks just like another famous industry standard product, so your friends and clients may think your using a more expensive mic than you actually are. But we couldn't possibly comment on this!
Packaged with the Gravity Amp/Cab Clamp which allows you to mic up your guitar amp without the use of a mic stand. Great for saving space on small stages.

The package also comes with a 5 metre XLR-XLR cable. Specifications:

LD Systems. LD1057:
Capsule Type: Dynamic
Element: Neodymium magnet capsule, transformer output.
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 50-16500hz
Sensitivity: -75dbV/pa
Rated Impedance: 600 ohms
Dimensions: 31mm diameter x 155mm length
Net weight: 250g
Connetctor: 3 pin XLR.

SCB Clamp:
- Spring loaded design. Suitable for amps between 300mm - 400mm deep.
- Rubberised ends won't damage amp.
- Flexible 250mm 'arm' with sliding thread for clip.
- Rugged, aluminium construction.

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