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LD Systems ECO 16. UHF Discreet Wireless Headset Mic.

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LD Systems ECO16. 16 Channel (Switchable) Headset UHF Wireless Microphone with Discreet Beige Headset.

We've taken the excellent new LD System ECO16 16 channel diversity UHF wireless system and combined it with a great sounding discreet beige headset microphone. 
Many headset wireless microphone systems (especially those at the budget end of the market) are supplied with rather large cumbersome and rather uncomfortable headset microphones. 
This system offers the benefits of a discreet headset, with frequency agile, diversity operation (see below for details) at a fantastic price.

Ideal for all types of presentations including business, education and worship sound.

- Diversity operation. Diversity switch silently selects the strongest signals from the 2 aerials for maximum signal reliability. 
- 'Pilot Tone Squelch' system further enhances signal relibility.
- Uses Channel 70 (863-865) frequencies which are de-regulated for wireless microphone use in the UK and most EU countries. No license required.
- Frequency agile system allows user to quickly and easily switch frequency if another wireless system is being used in the vicinity
- Comfortable, great sounding, discreet beige headset microphone with adjustable headband. Also available in black.
- Foam windshield included to minimise breath noise.
- Lightweight pocketpack transmitter with belt clip.
- Transmitter sensitivity control allows the transmission level to be adjusted to avoid clipping (distortion) at the receiver. Particularly useful for the louder vocalist!
- Channel selection switches with LCD so you quickly see selected channel.
- Output level contol on receiver allows output to be matched to mixing desks input.
- Professional XLR output. So a normal mic lead can be used to connect the receiver to your soound system. No Jack-XLR cables required
- Audio level metre and peak indicators on receiver. Lets you know if sound is being transmitted to the receiver and to check it's not distorting. (Sensitivity on the transmitter can be adjusted to correct this). 
- Long battery life; approx' 10 hours from 2 alkaline AA. Battery status indicator lets you know if battery levl is becoming low.

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