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Live Sound Equipment

Our Live Sound Equipment section covers the major sound equipment item categories. Mixing consoles, power amplifiers, all types of PA loudspeakers, and processing/D.I. boxes. 
Whilst there are great value products to be had from lesser known manufacturers in microphones, wireless systems and various accessory product categories, here we focus on major brands providing high quality products at realistic prices. We've found cheap live sound equipment is usually too good to be true. Anything that you could describe as 'cheap' containing any kind of power amp is a particular false economy.  
And it's not just 'budget' brands. We've backed out of supplying at least three major US/European sound equipment brands in the last year due to major reliability and performance issues. 
This is a collection of products that we believe in. As sound people and musicians, everything we sell here we test in real world situations and get to know thoroughly. We don't just sell everything we can get our hands on, and we work with suppliers and manufacturers that are knowledgeable, flexible and helpful. 
Soundcraft mixing consoles, Crest, Crown, Peavey and RAM power amplifiers, Peavey and Martin Audio loudspeakers and monitors, Palmer D.I.'s and Peavey and Dbx EQ and loudspeaker processors. 
So when you come to upgrade or buy live sound equipment, check out this collection of products and talk to us. There are products here that cover all but the largest of live sound applications and will offer real world performance.