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Our loudspeaker range includes passive and active speakers from Martin Audio, Peavey, Electro Voice and JBL. Chosen for the sound quality, output capability and reliability. 
We avoid cheap PA speakers. Reliability is a huge issue with budget products particularly with cheap active speakers. These types of products are often thermally and electronically quite stressed and cheaper products rarely even make it through their warranty period without some form of reliability issue. 
Highlights include Martin Audio Blackline X passive speakers which offer Martin Audio sound quality, performance  and flexibility at affordable prices for sound professionals, bands and event spaces alike. Ideal for combining with units from our power amplifier collection including Crown XLS and/or Crest Pro-Lite Series. 
For clients requiring active solutions, EV's ZLX Series offer a powerful and reliable solutions for portable small/mid size systems for solos, duos and bands. 


We have a number of blog posts and information regarding loudspeaker systems. 
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