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Martin Audio Blackline X Series

Martin Audio's Blackline X Series offer sound quality, performance and versatility in passive loudspeaker at a previously unheard of price point. All the warmth, clarity and nuance of Martin Audio speakers in a versatile range of four full range and three subwoofer systems. Ideal for range of applications including portable front of house sound,monitoring and permanent club and venue installations.

Signature Sound: Blackline X delivers Martin Audio's pedigree sound quality with clarity, warmth and transparency that puts the user in control, not the loudspeaker designer. 
Versatile Enclosure Design: All full range Blackline X cabinets feature symmetrical multi angle cabinets suitable for 'wedge' monitor applications in pairs as well as front of house sound. Rotatable horns means that dispersion can be controlled and matched to the application. A 35mm speaker tripod fitting is provided for stand mounting, M8 inserts are standard for eyebolt suspension and a range of wall brackets are also available. 
All the cabinets are manufactured from durable plywood with a hard wearing paint finish, and a number of RAL colours are available as a special custom orders*, so decor can be matched for install applications. Attractive, cloth backed screwless full steel grills are provided.

Subwoofers: Three subwoofer systems are available to enhance bass performance and create full range systems. The X115 and X118 are powerful and efficient direct radiating subs whilst the X210 offers a low profile option ideal for venues, install and touring applications.

Applications:  The smaller X8 and X10 models are ideal for nearfield front of house, monitor and background/mid level installed music systems, as well as AV Aplications, whilst the X12 and X15 models can be used for larger venues and stages, and foreground installed music systems. We would suggest X115 and X210 to provide sub bass reinforcement for X8, 10 and 12 systems, with the X118 the ideal partner for the large X15 mid/high system.

High quality passive loudspeaker systems are still very popular. We think they're a better choice for installs where the loudspeakers aren't easily accessible and getting power to them is awkward. Much better to run from more accessible power amp racks. You can check out our thoughts regarding active and passive loudspeaker systems in this blog post. Click here >>>>>>>> 

Based East of London in Essex, The Noizeworks is perfectly positioned to provide sales and service of these excellent products to customers in Kent, Sussex, Suffolk and Herts as well as London and Essex. 

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