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MCM 1221 1" Compression Driver. 200 Watt. Bolt On

Condition: New
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Very high powered 1" exit compression driver at a great value price. Ideal for use in high powered PA and monitor systems as a replacement or self build projects. 
What it lacks in sensitivty (100db 1w/1m is quite low for a 1" compression driver) it makes up for in power handling. More than efficient enough to keep up with virtually all 10/12 and 15" bass mid drivers. 
We've checked it out alongside the 2982 bass/mid driver in a development cab and we were mightlily impressed.
Interfaces easily with a range of 12 and 15" drive units. Frequency response goes low enough so you can crossover at around 2-2.5khz to avoid bass driver 'beaming' Sound is clear, bright and vivid. 

Power rating: 200 watts RMS
Impedance: 8 ohm
Frequqncy response: 1.5khz - 20khz.
Sensitivity: 100db
Voice Coil: 1.75mm
Dimensions: 124 x 55mm
Fixing type: 4 x 4mm bolt on. 
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