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Meyer Sound Hire

Meyer Sound Hire. 
Where extreme fidelity is required for relatively short throw and monitor applications then Meyer Sound's UltraSeries is the choice. 
Offering studio monitoring sound quality in speakers capable of high SPLs and wide coverage, compact UltraSeries systems are ideal for speech and music events with audience sizes up to 300 people. 
We think they are particularly suited to business, educational, speech and AV applications as well as live music, particularly folk ,jazz, acoustic singer/songwriter type events and they can also be very effectively deployed in multiples for distributed sound systems at album launch parties, trade and fashion shows, etc.


Meyer Sound UPA1P.

The mainstay of the UltraSeries is the UPA1P. Renown throughout the industry for it's smooth, predictable, and wide mid and high frequency coverage and fidelity, the UPA1P's on board processing and amplification system ensures maximum performance with minimal fuss, so also great for applications where setup and breakdown time may be tight. 
Low frequency performance of an UltraSeries system can be extended with the deployment of the 2 x 15" USW-1P active subwoofer system. The UPA1P/USW1P combination makes a formidable yet relatively compact full range system offering unmatched coverage, presence and musicality. 

Meyer USW1P Active Subwoofer.

For high quality stage monitoring applications, the UM1-P is a similar package to the UPA1P in a stage 'wedge' monitor format with a suitably narrowed dispersion. Ultimate quality stage monitoring we especially recommend for folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter type events. 

Meyer Sound UM1P Active Stage Monitor.

Being of US origin, many visiting US artists will be familiar with Meyer Sound's UltraSeries products and therefore  comfortable and 'at home' working with them, so we are very pleased to be able to offer these great performing products to both visiting overseas artists as well as UK based artists, promoters and tour managers. 

We are ideally placed to provide Meyer sound hire in London and throughout the South East of England including Essex, Kent, Herts, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, and beyond.