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Multicore Stagebox Systems

Multicore Stagebox Systems

Despite the growing popularity of digital stagebox systems, analog stage multicores are still very much in demand. As well as still being a more cost effective way of transmitting several channels of audio, and are often used with digital mixing consoles. 
Indeed, an analog multicore has one major advantage over a digital system and that is one of redundancy. In other words, if an analog multicore system fails, it will generally do so in one channel only. So the provision of a few spare channels will cover any eventuality. If a digital system fails, connection of all channels is lost. This factor is why you will often see analog snakes being used with digital mixing consoles. 
The advantages of digital multicore systems tend to be in terms of size and weight rather than any real sound quality advantage, so for fixed installations where portability is not really an issue, we think traditional analog systems are still very much worth considering.
Naturally, we select products that have a track record of reliability and dependability, but at some point every product fails, and with an analog system you can simply use a spare channel. Not so with a digital one.
At The Noizeworks, we keep a huge range of stagebox systems for all applications and budgets. From small 10 metre 8 way systems to large format 40 channel 50 metre products. Drum mounted systems, sub multicores, you name it, we have it.


Budget Multicore Stagebox Systems

Our budget range of great value for money from around £45. These are all tried and tested products that deliver excellent sound quality and reliability for both touring applications and fixed installations. Ideal for touring bands, event and rehearsal spaces, as well as schools and churches.

Proel Multicore Stageboxes

Proel's comprehensive range includes the EBN Series and EZBOX Series. EBN Series have circuit board mounted, gold plated Neutrik chassis XLRs, compact box sections, colour coded returns for easy identification, and Proel's excellent CMF flexible low diameter cable. EZBOX Series offers an integral wrap around drum for easy transportation, and Neutrik chassis connectors. Go to the Proel Series Multicores >>>>>> 


Van Damme Stagebox Multicores

For the ultimate in professional systems then we offer a combination of standard and custom built Van Damme products. Assembled in the UK using Van Damme Blue or Black Series multicores and the latest Neutrik XX Series XLR connectors. Several standard 'off the shelf' captive systems are listed, but we can supply any custom specified product including detachable sections with multipins, etc. Just let us know your requirement and we'll so the rest! Go to the Van Damme Series Multicores. >>>>>>>

We ship multicore systems all over the UK and Europe and our position just east of London in Essex puts us in a ideal position to locally service the live music and AV market in the south of England covering London and Essex as well as Kent, Herts, Sussex, and Surrey. 

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