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Noizeworks DVP Series Van Damme Drum Mounted Stagebox Multicores

DVP Series Van Damme Drum Mounted Multicore / Stagebox Systems

Similar in specification to our VP Series multicore/stagebox systems but built into durable cable drums for ease of transport, deployment and storage. 
Ideal for small medium size live sound and AV applications as well as studio use. 

Van Damme Blue Series Cable:

DVP Series systems employ Van Damme Blue Series multicore cable for high end studio multicore sound quality combined with durability and flexibility for live sound applications. 

Adam Hall 70225 Drum:

The systems are mounted onto a durable AH 70225 plastic cable drum with integral brake and turning handle and carrying handle. 
The connector plate is integral to the drum so for use just apply the brake, and you're ready to go!

Durable, Metal Connectors:

High quality metal-shell chassis and cable connectors are used throughout with thick plastic boots and internal strain reliefs. 

DVP Series: More Information and Links:

Assembled and tested with care to order in the UK using high content silver solder for additional signal integrity and transparency.

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The Noizeworks Guide To Stageboxes, Multicores, Balancing and D.I.s. 

Popular example systems are shown below, but all custom lengths and configurations are available. Contact us with your exact requirements.