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Noizeworks N-Packs

There are loads of great 'budget' microphones out there, but whilst manufacturers are making great products they don't always get the final package right. Clips, cables and cases are often absent or poor quality. That's were the new Noizeworks N-Packs come in. 'Budget' microphones done right. Great sounding AKG, JTS, and Pulse microphones with foam lined ABS cases, high quality clips, and XLR-XLR cables so they're ready to rock 'n roll. All at great value prices at only a little more than the 'standard' packages. Check 'em out....

AKG D5 Microphone N-Pack

Great sounding live vocal microphone delivering high gain before feedback. With tough chassis and grill. Supplied in foam lined ABS case with 6 metre XLR-XLR cable with black low vis metal connectors.  

AKG P3S Microphone N-Pack

Great value live dynamic vocal or instrument mic. One of the best cheap dynamic mics around. Now with case and cable. 

JTS TX8 Microphone N-Pack

Best cheap microphone around. Warm, full-bodied sound with excellent feedback rejection. Tank-like build quality. Now with ABS case and nice quality clip (not supplied in standard package.)

JTS TX7 Microphone N-Pack

Flat grill version of TX7 ideal for close miking instruments, drums and percussion. Best guitar amp mic under £50. Now with clip and case. Not supplied is usual package. 

Pulse PLS00543 Microphone N-Pack

Amazing microphone for the price. Clear, clean sound. Plastic chassis and grill but sounds great! Ideal for rehearsal, education and worship applications where several mics may be required but the budget is tight. 

Sennheiser E835 Microphone N-Pack

Best selling vocal mic now with ABS foam lined case and high quality 6 metre mic cable.