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Noizeworks Van Damme VP Series Multicore/Stagebox Systems


The Noizeworks Van Damme Multicore Stagebox

A range of high quality multicore stage boxes delivering high quality sound, transparency, flexibility and compact dimensions. 
Ideal as a studio multicore ensuring transparent transfer of signals from live to control room without the expense of over engineered connectors. 
We did our research and found the best 'affordable' or 'budget' connectors with metal shells, thick boots and chunky strain reliefs, so they are built to last for live sound and event applications. 
The boxes are UK built two part steel enclosures which can be wall mounted. 
We assemble these with care in the UK with high silver content solder to further enhance the transparency and signal integrity.
Combining studio grade sound quality with durability and strength for all studio and live sound applications.   
We do build these to order, so please allow up to 3 working days for shipping. If your requirement is more urgent please get in touch before ordering. 

Van Damme Blue Series Multicore:

The analogue cable of choice for the professional user, Blue Series is the ultimate combination of transparent sound, flexibility and durability making it suitable for studio, stage and installed sound applications. Used extensively in studios around the world including the BBC and Abbey Road.  
If your cabling is not up to scratch your investment in high quality instruments and microphones may be wasted.

Custom Stagebox Multicores:

We build these items to order, so we can tailor the product to your exact requirements. We can adjust length, connectors types (jack returns, etc), connector gender for returns, etc. 
Just let us know what you need and we'll get a price to you.  

Van Damme Blue Series Multicore Specs. PDF

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