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Noizeworks VP Series 8 Channel 15 Metre Stagebox/ Multicore. Van Damme

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8 Way XLR Stagebox with 15 Metre Multicore Cable and Numbered Metal XLR Connectors. Van Damme Blue Series Cable with High Quality Metal XLR Connectors. Assembled with Care in the UK. 

Designed for clients requiring the best in sound quality, transparency and portability of Van Damme Blue Series cable without the expense of Neutrik XX Series connectors. For live/stage or studio applications. 

Ideal as a 'sub' multicore for drum mic channels or for smaller systems. Also ideal as a live - control room multicore for studios.

- High quality Van Damme Blue Series multicore cable. Offering sound quality and flexibility in very compact dimensions (only 12.2mm diameter cable.)
- UK built powder coated steel stage or wall box. 
- High quality metal connectors with thick boots and strain reliefs. 
- High silver content solder used throughout for signal transparency and conductivity. 

Assembled with care to order in the UK. 

Five year warranty. 

Product options: If you require an alternative configuration with returns (e.g. 6 sends/2 returns) then that's no problem. Just let us know on an email or phone call when purchasing.    

Please allow up to 3 working days for assembly. 

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