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Peavey Dark Matter DM112 Active Loudspeaker. Each

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Peavey Dark Matter DM112 Active Speakers.

Peavey have always made terrific sounding music equipment with working musicians in mind. The Dark Matter Series of powered PA speakers continue that tradition offering high quality sound at a very affordable price. Factor in light weight and flexible cabinet design, and you have a product that will appeal to many working musicians and DJs.
Dark Matter Series speakers are affordable, but are certainly not cheap active speakers.

Bi-Amplified System

Dark matter Series speakers feature an efficient bi-amplified system. This means that separate amps drive the woofer and high frequency drive units. so each drive unit i.e. the low frequency woofer and the high frequency compression driver has it's own dedicated amplifier. This means there are no inefficient passive 'frequency dividing' components within the system.

DSP Processing

The DM112 has on board DSP processing offering a range of EQ options and presets that make the speaker system ideal for a hue range of applications and environments. EQ presets for music or vocal applications are available as well as specific EQ presets for stage monitor use. 

Proprietory Speaker Components

Peavey are one of a select group of pro audio suppliers that design and built their own proprietary looudspeaker drive units. The DM112 includes Peavey;s own DX14 compression driver on a quadratic throat waveguide. This delivers high frequency performance and clarity far beyond anything else in this price range.

Versatile Cabinet Design

The DM112 is designed with two rear corner angles so it can be used on it's side as a active stage monitor, or 'wedge.' A full steel grill protects all the components, ergonomic handles for easy transportation and a 35mm stand mount fitting is provided for stand mounting. 


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