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Peavey IPR2 5000 2 x 1510 Watt (4 ohms) Power Amplifier. 6.2kgs

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The Peavey IPR2 Series offers incredible sound and high power outputs in compact, lightweight packages. 
Although this series of amps are lightweight power amplifiers, their sound is far from lightweight. 
It can be used as a high power subwoofer power amplifier, as well as a powerful mid/high amplifier in both touring and fixed installation applications. 

The IPR2 5000 effortlessly delivers 2 x 1500 watts RMS into a 4 ohm loudspeaker load, yet it weighs a mere 6.2kgs. 
It has on board high pass and low pass filtering so if you're using it to drive subwoofer speakers or mid/high speakers in a two way bi-amp/active system then you don't need any additional outboard loudspeaker processors or analogue crossovers. 

The lightweight nature of these amplifiers also mean they can be mounted in lightweight ABS rack cases rather than heavier wooden flight case type racks. So you can even combine multiple amps and still have a portable, manageable, lightweight system. A 4channel 6 kilowatt system would only take up 4U of rack spare and weigh in at well under 20 kgs!

Peavey IPR2 Series Brochure and Specs PDF (opens in new tab)

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