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Peavey IPR2 Series Power Amps


Peavey IPR Series Power Amplifiers

Whilst many music and sound equipment companies have looked to offer standard re-badged and often plagiarised far Eastern products, Peavey have always designed and engineered their power amps, and indeed all their products, from the ground up. The IPR2 Series is the latest product range in a long line of innovative and ground breaking PA power amplifiers that date back to the 1970s. 
Peavey pioneered the use of lightweight, compact switch mode amplifier power supplies in the 1990s and the IPR2 Series employs just such a power supply to offer extremely high outputs and performance whilst remaining compact and lightweight. As an example, the Peavey IPR2 3000 offers 2 x 950 watts RMS power output into a 4 ohm load, yet it weighs a mere 3.7kgs. IPR2 Series are amongst the best lightweight power amplifiers.
Of course, none of this matters unless they sound great, and here the IPR2s don't disappoint. Whether you need a stereo power amplifier for driving monitors, mid/high cabinets or subwoofers, there's an IPR Series that'll do the job, right up to 2x 2000 watts into 4 ohms (IPR2 7500).


Applications include touring live sound were high quality and high power partnered with manageable weight are required for front-of-house, monitors and/or subwoofer amplification. 

Peavey IPR2 Series Pricing:

Price wise, they won't break the bank either. Not exactly a cheap power amplifier, the IPR Series are available at very attractive prices. We only list the retail price of these products, but we can offer attractive discounts and can at least match and usually better any American or European dealer price. Just give us a call or drop us an email. 
IPR2DSP Amplifiers are also available featuring delay, crossover/filter and harmonic bass enhancement. These are special order only so please give us a call if you're looking for the DSP versions of these amplifiers. 


Another of the advantages of being lightweight high power amplifier is that the IPR2 Series can be mounted in ABS moulded rack cases rather than heavyweight wooden flight case racks. So look out for out 'GigReady' packages with IPR2 amps mounted in rack cases and ready to gig. See below
We've also put together IPR2 amp system packages with PV231 analogue graphic EQs. Mounted in rack cases and ready to roll, we've put these packages together primarily with monitor systems in mind but, of course, they can be employed in front-of-house systems as well.

Peavey IPR Series Demos

We usually have IPR2 amps on demo, so if you're based in the South East of England including London, Essex, Kent, Herts, etc, then why not come in and take a look and a listen. As we always say, just give us a call first to make sure we're around and have the products you're interested in.

Peavey IPR2 Series Specs / Downloads:

Peavey IPR2 and IPR2DSP Product Brochure and Specs Download.pdf