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Peavey PA Production Systems

Peavey Sound Hire. 
In comparison with some of the more 'esoteric'/European PA/loudspeaker brands, Peavey may not be the most fashionable or the first choice of many live sound 'engineers'. This, I think, is partly due to the fact that Peavey also manufacture backline amplification and have a guitar range so is seen more as a musical instrument manufacturer rather than being a dedicated pro-audio supplier.
But the needs of the equipment provider/operator may not be the same as the musicians. Many artists, particularly those visiting from the United States may have grown up using Peavey products throughout their career development and may require product continuity for their live music projects in the UK, particularly for their monitoring requirements. 
It's true that the 'esoteric' brands yield excellent results particularly where ultra high output is required, and are engineered to a very high technical standard, but musicians may be looking for something with a little more, shall we say, 'soul'. 
That's why we're proud to offer customers a range of Peavey pro-audio loudspeakers and amps as part of our product portfolio. 
Peavey really pioneered the concept of the lightweight, switch-mode amplifier and the loudspeaker products are equipped with very high quality components that deliver performance that matches, or at least comes very close to, the performance of the 'esoteric' brands whilst delivering a 'warm' and 'musical' kinda sound that makes musicians comfortable and able to perform at their best. 


Peavey SP12M

Peavey's SP Series loudspeakers feature their famed 'Black Widow' drive units and XT Series titanium compression driver to deliver high quality sound whilst being capable of high sound pressure levels for monitor or front-of-house applications and can be paired with the SP118 subwoofers for additional low frequency extension. 

All the Peavey SP Series enclosures can be driven from a our range of power amplifiers. We would generally spec either our RAM S Series or Peavey's own IPR2 Series amplifiers depending upon the application and room size, etc. and we can also match these up with a range of Peavey outboard processors such as their analog graphic EQs or VSX Series digital processors.  

IPR2 3000 Power Amplifier with 2 x 31 Graphic Monitor Rack

We love our Peavey products. First and foremost, they perform really well and keep our clients and their audience happy, whilst also offering us flexibility to supply and take part in the smaller, interesting 'grass-roots' type events that we love which may not have the biggest of budgets.