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Peavey PV12M 250 Watt Passive Stage 'Wedge' Monitor

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Peavey PV12M Passive Stage Monitor

Although active/powered stage monitors are often now used as fold back speakers there are instances and applications where the use of passive monitors driven by a dedicated power amplifier is still preferable.
Getting power lines to active monitors can be quite awkward and we would recommend unpowered wedges for, shall we say, slightly more raucous clubs and pubs, where a solid uncomplicated wedge monitor will take the everyday rock n roll pounding of 'foot on monitor' guitarists, bassists, and vocalists.

High Quality Components

Despite it's modest price ticket, the PV12M is equipped with high quality components. Peavey are one of a select group of manufacturers that design and build their own proprietary loudspeaker drive units and the PV12M is equipped with a Peavey Sheffield Pro 1200 woofer looking after the low and low/mid frequencies whilst a 14XT 1" compression driver handles the high mid and high frequency signals.

Tough, Versatile Dual Angle Enclosure:

The system is housed in MDF enclosure finished in durable black carpet with corner protectors and a full steel grill with angled sides for strength. 45 and 30 degree angles are available for short or medium throw applications and a 35mm steel stand mount fitting is provided so the PV12M can also be used as a front-of-house stand mounted speaker.

The PV12M Offers uncomplicated high powered, high quality stage monitoring at an absolute bargain price. Equipped with high quality drive units within a rugged enclosure, the PV12M is ideal for touring bands and artists as well as venue spaces, rock clubs, and rehearsal rooms.


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