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Peavey SP12M Based Stage Monitor Systems.

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Peavey may not be the first name on everyone's lips when it comes to professional loudspeaker systems, but we've found that some of our visiting American clients prefer Peavey loudspeakers and monitors to the more clinical, esoteric European brands, particularly country music artists. They are warm, musical and powerful. 
So we've put together some systems featuring the Peavey SP12M 400 watt 12" wedge monitor. 
4 of these, combined with a powerful 4 channel RAM amplifier and a choice of digital or analog mixing 'front end', and up to 24 channels of stage splits, and you've got the basis for a great sounding stage monitor system. 
Naturally, more can be added including drum monitoring, or additional floor wedges. 
Price quoted is a base price for 1 day hire without engineer or delivery charges. 
Additional charges may apply depending on location, parking facilities, toll charges, etc. 
Contact us for tour rates, etc.
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