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Peavey VSX26e 2 in / 6 out Loudspeaker Processor.

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2 input, 4 output loudspeaker processor. 
Programmable processor featuring powerful processing sections including crossover/filtering, compression, delay and parametric EQ. 
All parameters can be edited and saved via Peavey's VSX26e PC software. Click here for the download page. 
Flexible input to output routing is available allowing complete flexibility. 
Each output has powerful gain control, compression and delay. Powerful crossover/filtering is available from each output with up to 48db/oct steep filtering and a 9 band parametric EQ with frequency and bandwidth (Q) control for band. 
All parameters can be edited from the front panel or the dedicated PC software.  

Peavey VSX26e User Manual.pdf. 
Peavey VSX26e Brochure/Specifications. 
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