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Power Amplifiers

Our collection reflect the very best power amplifier products. With products from Crown Audio, Crest Audio, Peavey and RAM Audio.
A modern, lightweight power amp can deliver all the sound quality and power of older units but without the sometimes substantial weight of products of yore. 
On board processing is now often available that maximise amplifier and speaker performance without the need for large and costly outboard racks. Versions without the processing are also often available for clients who have much of that available on their digital mixers. 
Highlights include RAM Audio 4 channel products which offer huge power output across 4 channels in lightweight packages. Ideal for running complete speaker systems with mid/high speakers and subs, or for multi-channel monitor systems.  Crown XLS Series offer mid power output levels with processing in lightweight packages at very attractive prices. Ideal for portable systems and with the right passive speakers offer an excellent alternative to active speaker products, and Peavey IPR2 Series and excellent choice to power their excellent loudspeaker products. 
Many of the power amplifier products carry extended warranties. 
We also carry all the other items you may need alongside your power amplifiers such as custom made amp rack patch panels so you don't need to reach into the rear of the rack to plug in your input and speaker cables, blank rack vent panels, and also a range of high quality rack flight cases
Examples of many of the products here are on demo at our East London Rainham facility. Give us a call to arrange a look and a listen. 


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