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Proel EBN3208 30 Metre 32/8 Multicore/Stagebox System

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High quality 30/8 30 metre, professional multicore / stagebox system.

Before purchasing an XLR stagebox / multicore stagebox system, take a look at Proel's EBN Series products. There may be products available that are (slighly) cheaper, but the EBN Series offers heavy duty connectors mounted on a printed circuit board with colour coded tail ends (the returns are colour coded in red so you can instantly identify and seperate the return channels.)
All at an affordable budget price, ideal for bands, venues and all kind of event spaces working to a budget.

EBN Series Multicores offer a professional, branded multicore system (also known as a snake, or stage snake) at an affordable, budget price.
Unlike traditional stagebox systems, the EBN Series feature printed circuit board mounted connectors on the stagebox. This not only strengthens the stagebox and enhances durability and reliability but also helps reduce the size and depth of the stagebox. This, in turn reduces the stage footprint of the box and also reduces the weight. 
The EBN Series also features a minimal diameter multicore which further reduces size, weight and footprint.

- Compact, slimline stagebox with printed circuit board mounted xlr connectors for strength and reliability.
- Colour coded tail section. Sends are coloured black and returns are coloured red for instant identification of return channels.
- Heavy duty, metal XLRs on multicore stage section.

This 32/8 version features a large number of input channels (32) and returns (8) offering great flexibilty for larger systems and room for expansion in smaller setups.

30 metre version with 32 inputs/sends and 8 outputs/returns.

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