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Proel EBN804LU10 12 Channel 10 Metre Multicore Stagebox. 8 Sends, 4 Returns

Condition: New
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New shorter 10 metre version of the EBN804 multicore stagebox for smaller live setups, studios, or for use as a 'sub' multicore for drums and keyboard rigs, etc.
The 4 return channels can be used for studio headphone monitorinng or 'wedge' or IEM monitors in stage applications.  
EBN Series multicores utilise an internal circuit board design which enhances the strength and rigidity of the stagebox and connectors and also asists in minimising the size and footprint of the box. 
Neutrik gold plated chassis connectors are used on the box with heavy duty, metal Proel XLRPRO connectors at the tail end. 
The returns are colour coded red at the tail end allowing for quick an deasy identification of the return channels. 
The cable is Proel CMF Series multicore which is transparent, flexible and also compact, minimising size and weight. 

12 channels: 8 sends (XLRF - XLRM), 4 returns (XLRM - XLRF)
Cable length: 10 metres. 
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