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Proel EZBOX1604 16/4 15 Metre Integrated Multicore Stagebox System

Condition: New
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Multicore/Stagebox system with integrated cable wrapping for easy transportation and storage.

- Neutrik chassis connectors on stagebox.
- Heavy duty metal XLRs with metal boots on 'tail' section.
- Colour coded returns. Red colour cable on returns so they can be quickly separated from sends/inputs.
- Integrated cable wrapping system for easy transportation and neat storage. Cable can be wraaped around the structure.
- Can be used flat or standing up.
- Complete with carrying bag which further enhances ease of transportation.
Weight: 10kgs.

16/4 configuration (16 sends/inputs, 4 returns/outputs) with 15 metre cable.

Ideal for smaller sound systems or as a sub systems for drums, keyboards, etc.

EZBOX: convenient, practical and durable.

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