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Proel Stage Multicores


Proel Stagebox Multicore Systems

Before purchasing an XLR stage multicore system, take a close look at Proel's several series of products, all offering a step up in quality, portability and reliability.


Proel EBN Series Stagebox/Multicore Systems:

There may be products available that are (slightly) cheaper, but the EBN Series offers heavy duty Neutrik gold plated chassis connectors mounted on a printed circuit board (reducing the size and weight of the stagebox), colour coded tail ends (the returns are colour coded in red so you can instantly identify and separate the return channels.), and Proel's flexible, compact CMF Series multicore cable.  All at an affordable budget price, ideal for bands, venues and all kind of event spaces working to a budget.
Checkout our Proel EBN Series stagebox review and 'walkthrough' here


Proel EZBOX Series Multicore/Stagebox Systems:

The EZBOX Series of multicores feature an integral cable wrapping system which makes them so much easier to move around and store than traditional systems. This idea is further enhanced by the inclusion of a carrying bag (see picture 2). Heavy duty Neutrik XLR chassis connectors with gold plated contacts are used on the stagebox with Proel's own XLRs at the 'tail' end. These feature metal boots which are so much more durable than plastic boots. The system also features colour coded returns at the mixer end so these can be quickly and easily identified and separated. The clever design of this system also means that the box can be used lying down or standing up (great for smaller spaces.)



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