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Proel WD V2 Wedge Series Active Monitors


Proel's WD V2 Active Stage Monitor Series

Proel's 'Wedge' Series active stage monitors bring the concept of the musicians 'powered wedge' into the 21st century. Now V2 versions are available with upgraded power ratings, better coverage, and improved styling. 
Most of the major budget type audio manufacturers used to make and sell a range of powered wedges. Heavy, unreliable, high profile, vinyl covered cabinets with hissy amps and low quality speaker components. 
Well, not any more. 
Proel's WD10AV2, WD12AV2 and WD15AV2 bring the 'powered wedge' right up to date with low profile paint finished cabinets with full curved grills, high quality co-axial speaker drive units with genuine compression drivers and lightweight, high quality 2 channel amplifiers with active processors driving the mid/bass speaker and high frequency unit separately.
All these features combine to deliver clear, powerful sound in compact, lightweight packages. 

Proel WD V2 Series Brochures/Cutsheets:

Brochures / cutsheet pdf files are available here to download with full specifications:

Proel WD10A brochure/cutsheet pdf
Proel WD12A brochure/cutsheet pdf
Proel WD15A brochure/cutsheet pdf