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Proel WM202DH Dual Channel Headset/Lapel Wireless Microphone System.

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Proel WM202DH Dual Channel Headset / Lapel Wireless Microphone System. 
Easy to use, dual channel fixed frequency UHF wireless mic system with choice of headset or lapel microphone. 
Please note: This is a dual channel system supplied with 2 headset mic and 2 lapel mics, so each channel has a choice of headset or lapel mic use.
System is available in 2 fixed channel 70 frequency combinations, so no license is required. Please specify via email if you require a particular frequency combination. (863.100/864.500 or 863.900/864.900mhz.)
Just plug in and play. No frequeqncy matching, no level matching, no messing! 

Proel WM202DH Dual Channel Headset / Lapel Wireless Microphone System Brochure.pdf

- Dual channel system with choice of lapel or headset microphones use. Great for educations, business and worship sound. 
- Diversity system. Picks strongest signal from two aerials and silently switches between the two. 
- Gold plated XLR or Jack output connectors for maximum quality signal output.
- Front panel receiver indicators tell user when receiver is receiving RF (radio frequency) signal and AF (audio frequency signal) as well a power status. 
- Great sounding headset or lapel microphones. 
- Supplied in foam lined ABS travel case. 

Package consists of: 1 x WM202 dual channel receiver, 2 x beltpack transmitters, 2 x headset mics, 2 x lapel mics, 1 x receiver power supply, 1 x ABS travel case. 

Frequency Band   863 ~ 865 Mhz 
Frequency Stability  0,0002
Modulation Method FM ( F3E ) 
RF MaxImum deviation  ± 40 Khz
Audio Frequency Response  50 Hz - 15 Khz 
Transducer Type  Condenser Head set 
Polar Pickup Pattern  Cardioid 
Spurious Emission  Under limits EN 300422
Radio Frequency Power  <10 dBm
Power Supply  2 x 1,5 V alkaline  Battery 
Dimensions:  ( W x D x H ) mm 100x 65 x 30 mm
Radio Frequency Band   863 ~ 865 Mhz 
Frequency Stability  0,0002
RF Image spurious Rej. - 70 dB
RF Interference reject > 70 dB
RF Sensitivity - 105 dB
Frequency Response  50 - 15 Khz 
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion < 1%
Dynamic Range  >100 dB
Signal/Noise Ratio  >70 dB
Output Connectors: xlr  Balanced 
1/4 jack  unbalanced 
Power supply:  dc 13-15 Vdc 200 mmA (supplied)
Dimension  ( W x D x H ) mm 175 x 135 x 45mm 

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