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Pulse Audio Power Amplifiers.

Pulse Audio goes from strength to strength with the introduction of two new power amplifier ranges offering cutting-edge value combined with great sound quality, features and reliability in the small/medium and high power categories. 
APA Series amplifiers deliver output powers from 2 x 100 to 2 x 400 watts RMS making them ideal for small/medium PA systems, background and foreground music installations, monitor systems and presentation/AV setups. With compact, lighweight chassis, flexible input/output connector options and fan cooling, these amps deliver stunning performance even for the tightest of budgets.
The APB Series exist in the higher output category with output specs from 2 x 700 watts - 2 x 1350 watts (4 ohms RMS). Featuring super-efficient class H circuit type,  2 ohm capability and flexible amp modes (bridge/parallel and stereo), the APB Series are a great choice for larger PA systems and installations including high powered sub bass speakers.

All backed by one of Europe's largest electronic/music suppliers with a great, fast turnaround service department. Right here in the UK.